Environmentally Friendly Surface Engineering
Corrosion Resistance

Nitrotec combined with an organic sealant retained in the micro porous layer, imparts corrosion resistance superior to that of electro plated components, and comparable to that of medium grades of stainless steels. A combination of Nitrotec finishes with a range of organic sealants give salt spray corrosion resistance of up to 400 hours.

We extensively test the Nitrotec process with many different components.

For example, Chromium plated rods show oxidisation and rusting within 24 hours of exposure to aggressive salt spray rinse testing.
In the same test, a Nitrotec treated rod of the same substrate, shows no sign of corrosion after 240 hours.

If you would like your components tested to meet output criteria, talk with our specialists today.

To establish the technical performance of the process, we often test treated and untreated components in tough environments: 

One such test in our laboratory was: 

  • Chromium plated rods corroded after 24 hours salt spray testing,
  • Nitrotec rod showing no sign of corrosion after 240 hours.

The outcome was that our customer was able to declare excellent (World Class) achievement for their equipment, in areas they were previously unable to publicly claim such avoidance of rust. 


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