Environmentally Friendly Surface Engineering
Environmental benefits of Nitrotec®

Many of our clients have been using the Nitrotec process for many years, and consequently benefit from having a clean and swift process performed on parts prior to their inclusion in the main assembly.

Nitrotec is a trade name, and we have licensees around the world who deliver the process to very demanding standards. Some of our licensees are in-house furnace plants, but many are third party businesses who provide the service as a contractor. 

Many of our clients operate in the Automotive and Aerospace industries. 

The process of Nitrotec has excellent green credentials on several fronts:

  • Lower processing temperatures mean a lower carbon footprint
  • No toxic elements used in the process
  • Cleaning up after the process does not involve toxic materials
  • Process time is low, helping clients meet urgent needs

So overall, the Nitrotec process works for everyone!

Call or email us today to find your nearest Nitrotec processing plant.

Nitrotec does not leave heavy metals on components, and so when it comes to disposing of the part at the end of life, there is no risk of toxic chemicals entering the environment in case of an un-careful disposal. 


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