Environmentally Friendly Surface Engineering
Non Toxic Process

We have ensured that the Nitrotec process can be delivered with ease, using straightforward technology and equipment. 

Fundamentally, a furnace with the capability of careful control of its atmosphere, temperature and pressure plus effective surface coating, are the fundamentals of the Nitrotec process. For success, one needs careful selection of the organic coating, reliable energy, and a deep understanding of the potential effect on the different materials that customers use.

When the component reaches its end-of-life point, it may be disposed of or recycled simply - as there are no heavy metals to deal with, nor other adverse environmental factor meaning the part needs special treatment in disposal.

During the Nitrotec process, only carbon dioxide and water are emitted - this is a fantastic result for the environment.

Energy is the main input to creating the new surface on your component - other inputs combine to create the surface, with no ill effects, no heavy metals, and no dangerous toxins are used or created in the Nitrotec process. 

We make a point of collecting and recycling all process fluids. Win-Win.

We have gone to a great deal of time and effort, over the years, to ensure that our processes are as quick and clean as possible.

We are ruthless in our pursuit of accuracy and perfection of process - that's largely how we become Approved Suppliers to the Aerospace industry - and time is crucial, as much of the processing involves large amounts of expensive energy. 

Secondly, the Nitrotec process has become an alternative to other more complex treatments involving heavy metals and processes that leave toxic chemicals on the surface of the component. Not with Nitrotec. This means that the plant effluent has no toxins within it as a result of Nitrotec. Fantastic. Few other heat treatments have this important property.

If you have any questions relating to this aspect of our process, please contact us directly.


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